• Oak Tree in the Garden

      Koan commentary

    • Dream Within a Dream

      Koan commentary

    • The Birth of the Buddha and our Own Zen Practice


    • Banyan Deer

      Jataka commentary

    • Parinirvana, The Tigress Jataka and Leaping From Your Cliff

      Jataka commentary

    • The Ogre Child—Buddhist Practice as We Are

      Jataka commentary

    • Touching the Earth: the Buddha's Enlightenment and Our Own

      Jataka commentary

    • The Bodhisattva Robber and the Way of "The Growing-Up Being"

      Jataka commentary

    • Ch'ien:What is the real you?

      Koan commentary

    • Beautiful Snowflakes Fall Nowhere

      Koan commentary

    • The Hands and Eyes of the Bodhisattva

      Jataka commentary

    • The Monkey Bodhisattva: The Horror of "Me and Mine!"

      Jataka commentary

    • Hero with a Thousand Faces, Zen, and Jataka Tales


    • Ch'ang sha's Stroll

      Teisho Commentary

    • Body Exposed in the Golden Breeze

      Koan commentary

    • Roshi Philip Kapleau

      Give it All You've Got and a memorial about Roshi Philip Kapleau . . .

    • The Brave Little Parrot

      A teisho on a Jataka very much for our time . . .

    • Teaching of the Insentient

      Who can hear the teachings of the insentient . . .

    • Stepping From the Top of a 100-Foot Pole

      Commentary on a koan, case #46 in the Wu-Men Kuan

    • Man Up a Tree

      Commentary on a koan, case #5 in the Wu-Men Kuan

    • Put the Temple Gate on the Lantern!

      Commentary on a koan, "Yunmen's One Treasure" case #62 in the Hekiganroku