Endless Path Zendo

  • Sensei Rafe Martin at Eiheiji, Japan

    Zen Teacher, Rafe Martin

    Roshi Rafe Martin, founding teacher of Endless Path Zendo, a Diamond Sangha Zen temple, has been practicing Zen since 1970. He became a disciple of Philip Kapleau Roshi in 1989. After Kapleau Roshi’s retirement in the mid-90s, he practiced with Robert Aitken Roshi. Read More . . .

  • Jataka Sesshin in Costa Rica

    Non-residential sesshins and residential Jataka sesshins

    Since 2009, Rafe has been leading a unique working person’s, jataka tale sesshin, with Sunyana Graef Roshi, teacher and founder of the Vermont Zen Center, as well as, every Spring, with Taigen Henderson Roshi, at the Toronto Zen Centre. Read More . . .

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